Our approach is based on finding a unique point of view.

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Our work stands the test of time, but our process is nimble. We can move quickly to adapt to new challenges and roadblocks, but we also take the time to draw inspiration from multiple sources.

Brought together in 2007 by three friends – Marty Hodgson, Roger Schilf, and Ian Evans, HSEA’s beginnings centered around a table at Albert’s Pancake House on 124th Street. Fast forward 17 years, we are still located on 124th Street, we have grown a little, however we remain around a large table working together to brainstorm, solve problems, and create projects both you and we are proud of.

Prairie at heart, most of our work is local to Alberta, however we love our neighbours, with projects in British Columbia, Saskatchewan, the Northwest Territories, and Nunavut.

Who we are is our people and our people are an amazing group of talented and fun individuals, many who have been with us from the start. We are a collaborative, open-minded design studio that work together with our clients to make your vision come to life.

Architecture, to us, is creating spaces and places people want to be. Whether your project is small or large, we’ve done and enjoy them all.

We aren’t sure what the next 17 years hold, but what we are sure of is that we will still be designing something, celebrating everything, and sitting around the table as a team.

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We are constantly looking for talented technologists, architects, designers, and project managers. The diversity of experience, thought, and culture means that we can create projects that are meaningful for our clients and their users.

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Our office is structured to encourage interaction. Our people are strategically located in the office to foster growth and to promote mentorship through the sharing of ideas, interactive and inclusive problem solving, and the sharing of knowledge. Through our collaborative design and mentoring approach all team members are exposed to the varying phases of project delivery from design through to the completion of construction. This broad base of experience, coupled with strong personal commitments, has resulted in a flexible, well rounded team capable of meeting the most demanding and challenging project requirements.

Perspective Matters—We Want Yours.   Perspective Matters—We Want Yours.   Perspective Matters—We Want Yours.   Perspective Matters—We Want Yours.   Perspective Matters—We Want Yours.   Perspective Matters—We Want Yours.   Perspective Matters—We Want Yours.